Introducing the Hosts File Maker (for Windows, XP sp2 and later)

In today's world, there are numerous 'opportunities' for the disruption of normal life as we know it. At the center of the lives of most of us is the ability to access the Internet for entertainment, business, news, etc. Imagine a day when the Internet does not work.
Almost every day we witness major disruptions in people's lives all over the world. Although there are many possible contingencies that cannot be adequately prepared for, I personally have been concerned about the integrity of the Internet DNS Servers. These are the components of the Internet that take the Web Site Names we all know ( and converts them into actual, numeric addresses that allow the Web Sites to be located and viewed on your computer.
Although the electrical components of the Internet are highly distributed, redundant and would be extremely difficult to physically impair, the DNS infrastructure is not as resilient. If a cyber terrorist, hacker or overreaching government entity were to desire to shutdown the Internet to the general population, a disruption to the DNS infrastructure would be the best means to that end.
Personally, I have always maintained a short list of the actual, numeric addresses (IP Addresses) of my must have sites so I can access them in the event my Internet Provider (or my computer) has DNS problems. Maintaining this type of DNS backup is tedious, time consuming, daunting task and is virtually impossible for more than just a very small number of Web Sites.
If you will take a moment and open your browsing history in the browser you are using to view this page and look at the extensive number of entries that have been recorded during your routine Internet use. Now imagine manually building a list of IP Addresses for all those sites and having to cross reference that list to enter the IP Address of the sites you wish to visit.
Fortunately, there is now an easy, inexpensive means to automate the building of this list in a manner that will allow your computer to function normally in the event of DNS disruptions. Continue reading for the details....
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