3 Squash Tournaments You Can Bet On

Some people play squash at a recreational level, some professionally. Whichever it might be, squash is an enjoyable game to watch and play. If you are into sports betting, like all other sports, you can now place your bets on squash.

Different tournaments take place throughout the year. Here are some tournaments on which you can bet.

World Squash Championships

Featured image 3 Squash Tournaments You Can Bet On World Squash Championships - 3 Squash Tournaments You Can Bet On

This is the major squash event and most squash fans bet on this tournament. It started in 1970 and both men and women participate here. The event takes place for a week and you can bet on the top players or the outcome of the matches.

The men’s match occurs in sets of five and that of the women in sets of three.

World Team Championships

Featured image 4 Reasons Squash Should Be Included in The Olympics World Team Championships - 3 Squash Tournaments You Can Bet On

Countries like Egypt, France and England take part in these matches. Big prizes are announced, where about 23 teams play until they get to the knockout round. There are in-play betting opportunities and you can bet on every match.

PSA World Tour

Featured image 3 Squash Tournaments You Can Bet On PSA World Tour - 3 Squash Tournaments You Can Bet On

Here you can bet on players who are claiming individual titles. There are lots of opportunities to bet on these matches and you can win a lot of money if you can make good predictions.

You can bet on different online casinos like Unibet. You can get free bonuses as well. You can earn casino bonus codes and win more money. When betting on squash, you need to know the game by heart, its’ rules, players, and other information.

By knowing how players performed in previous matches, you can predict their performance in the current match.

You should read sports magazines to stay updated with the scores of different tournaments so that you can find a trend and predict the outcome of the current one. You should read reviews about the casino sites before placing your bets.

If the casino has a good reputation, then it will be a hassle-free experience for you. You will be able to deposit money easily and withdraw it just as easily. Reputable online casinos like Unibet will provide you with stellar services, whether you want to bet on squash or hit some casino games.

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