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Squash is a popular game played in more than 180 countries all over the world. It was first played by London prisoners and slowly it spread to schools and colleges. Now it is played as widely as any other sports like tennis or basketball.

The game requires you to use rackets similar to that of tennis, but instead of a tennis ball, a rubber ball is used. Players hit the ball on a wall at such an angle that it becomes challenging for the other player to hit the ball back to the wall.

This game is played by two or four players. In this magazine you will know all about squash.

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If you are new to squash, you will know how to play the game, the rules, strategies, and more. If you are an experienced squash player, then you will know about the various tactics used by professional squash players that you can apply in your case and improve your performance.

In this magazine, you will get to know about the upcoming squash tournaments and events. You can plan ahead to take part in those events. For more information, you can contact us.